The @DetroitSpeedInc One Lap of America #Camaro. @HammerHeadIRS Equipped #OLOA13 #Camaro5

The HammerHead equipped Detroit Speed One Lap of America Camaro

My Father and I would like to thank Kyle Tucker, Ryan Mathews, Stacy Tucker and the entire Detroit Speed Inc. team for choosing our HammerHead IRS Differential Housing for their all out assault on one of the most grueling and brutal mechanical and physical contests in American Motorsports: The Brock Yates’ One Lap of America. “One Lap” to the uninitiated consists of  20 individual racing events at race tracks across the country over the course of 7 days and 3000+ miles. The car must be driven from track to track with two co-drivers and no support vehicles other than the tools and parts they could carry in a small trailer behind the race vehicle.

The Car started as a stock 2013 SS Camaro and was converted into an all out street legal race car over 8 weeks. The full build and journey can be seen here:

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