How To Survive The Twinkiepocalypse: Make Your Own Twinkies

So Hostess is going bankrupt because of the evil unions and Obamacare you say? Do you think the Health Nazis like Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg are behind the whole thing? Are you about to go Woody Harrelson Zombieland style searching the ends of a post apocalyptic earth for the last Twinkies in the World?

Well you probably eat too much junk food and need to take a step back if you are literally mourning the end of a bakery brand who doesn’t care about their workers.

But cheer up Twinkie Kid! Todd Wilbur of Top Secret Recipes fame’s got your back with this homemade Twinkie recipe! You’re welcome Twinkie lovers and thanks Todd!

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One thought on “How To Survive The Twinkiepocalypse: Make Your Own Twinkies”

  1. I will try them but they are not going to be as good as when my grandpa would surprise me them when I was a little girl. Thanks for sharing!

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