Howard Stern’s 9/11 Broadcasts

I made a playlist of these Howard Stern Show clips from the morning of 9/11, the morning after 9/11 and of Howard’s recent comments the morning after the Bin Laden operation in Pakistan. It’s a total of almost 2 hours of content but I urge you to listen to it al. These 9/11 clips in particular truly have the ability to take you right back to 9/11 and remember how you felt as it was happening. Howard excelled in his 9/11 coverage because he was raw and real, which is why he’s always been so great on the radio in the first place.

We can only hope that something as evil, horrific and destructive as 9/11 never happens again, and that we as a nation stay vigilant as well as address the issues that led to 9/11, while retaining our freedoms that America was founded upon . Out of the ashes of 9/11 for me and for many other Americans ultimately came a wake up call and a life change that led to better things. So as we honor the ones we lost ten years ago today and the heroes of 9/11, be thankful for everything good that you do have in your life and how it came to be.

NY Times 9/11 Front Page
  • Jeff Lee | 9/11/2011

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